We will be releasing a very popular lucky bag this year as well! !
The details are below, so please come visit us.
All of our staff members look forward to seeing you.
WEB SHOP January 1st ( Sun ) 18:00 ~
Nakameguro store January 2nd ( Sunday ) 12:00 ~In-store sales
Sendai PARCO store⇒ January 2nd ( Sunday ) 8:00 ~In-store sales
Sapporo PARCO store⇒ January 2nd ( Sunday ) 10: 00 ~In-store sales
·Amount of money
¥30,000+TAX ( equivalent to 90,000 yen )
¥50,000+TAX ( equivalent to 150,000 yen )
¥100,000+TAX ( equivalent to 300,000 yen )
* Please note that you cannot choose the size of the product inside the lucky bag.
* We cannot accept cancellations, returns, or exchanges of lucky bags.
Please be aware of this before purchasing.
* For inquiries regarding lucky bag contents, quantity, and reservations, please contact
Please note that we are unable to respond to your request.
* Due to expected congestion, admission may be restricted.
* Depending on the number of orders, the shipping date may be after January 5th.
We may send them sequentially.
Don't miss this opportunity