[2023 New Year Lucky Bag Announcement]
We will be releasing the New Year lucky bags that have been popular every year in 2023 🎍
⦿ Schedule
ONLINE STORE ➟ January 1st (Sun) 10:00 ~
Nakameguro store ➟ January 2nd (Monday) 12:00 ~
Sendai store ➟ January 2nd (Monday) 8:00 ~
Sapporo store ➟ January 2nd (Monday) 10:00 ~
⦿ Price
¥30,000 + tax (equivalent to 90,000 yen)
¥50,000 + tax (equivalent to 150,000 yen)
¥100,000 + tax (equivalent to 300,000 yen)
⦿ Notes
*Please note that you cannot choose the size of each item.
*Please note that we do not accept returns or exchanges of lucky bags.
*When purchasing at each store, we may restrict entry to some areas as we anticipate crowds.
The 2023 lucky bag will be much more powerful than the previous year, so
Don't miss this opportunity!