Aliviol is a Japanese company that started in January 2021.
CBD wealth brand. brand name in spanish
Derived from Aliviol, which means "peace, relaxation."
This time we will introduce the new product vape cartridge.
Now on sale at Nakameguro store.
Please try our products at the store.
Recommended for those who have a habit of smoking, enjoy with steam,
This is an inhaled type of CBD supplement.
It's a satisfying sucking response.
Body-friendly, using only plant-derived ingredients
Botanical vapor liquid.

There are 6 flavors in total.
In addition to Forest, Sky, and Ocean, which are inspired by nature, there are also other popular products overseas.
We also have CBD flavored OG Kush and more.
・CBD 300mg combination type 30% capacity 1g ¥3,850 (tax included)
・CBD 600mg combination type 6 0% capacity 1g ¥6,820 (tax included)
・CBD vape battery ¥2,860 (tax included)
*This product is similar to an electronic cigarette, but
Contains no nicotine or tar.
This is an inhalation type supplement that vaporizes water vapor and enjoys the scent.

We use CBD raw materials that comply with Japanese laws.
Safely made in Japan, supervised by pharmacists