"EdisonChen" is a popular Hong Kong actor and singer representing Asia, and the director of "CLOT".
A brand launched by KB, an expert on street culture around the world.
This unique brand name comes from a casual conversation.
Edison Chen asked a friend over the phone about his current situation, and the friend replied, ``I'm feeling a little depressed right now (=Emotionally Unavailable).''
It is a brand that has an OPEN & HEALTHY mindset towards the real world, and the brand icon's heart symbol, which looks like it's bleeding, conveys a positive mindset that "everyone can get what they want." .
The items to be released this time are based on the previously released HOODIE and SHORTS patterns.
All are designed with embroidery, and the brand identity is displayed on the front.
Hearts are embroidered.
Don't miss this opportunity.
¥17,600 (tax included)