Needles is a Japanese brand started by Keizo Shimizu as a designer.
Keizo Shimizu is a select shop with stores in Japan and New York.
Founder of Nepenthes.
The brand name "Needles" means "needle", which is also used when making clothes, but it also means "need-less" as a play on words.
It is said that the concept of ``I don't need more than I need'' is also hidden behind the brand name.
In-store sales will be at the Sendai and Sapporo stores.
Don't miss this opportunity.
-Release products-
Classic shirt R/W Ombre Plaid Jp
¥31,900 (tax included)
Bird Shooting Cap
¥16,720 (tax included)
- release date -
7/15 (Fri) 11:00-