With READY MADE designer Yuta Hosokawa,
Cali Thornhill Dewitt is active as a multi-visual artist.
A brand created by Mr. (Cali Thornhill DeWitt).
The more you wear items that express graphical prints or a vintage feel, the more the vintage texture becomes stronger, such as fuzzing on the surface of the fabric and cracks in the printed area, but special processing is applied to prevent fading or deterioration over time, and the sewing is also fine. It has a smooth finish and is comfortable to wear.
RGLN SWT ¥41,800(tax in)
HOODIE ¥52,800 (tax in)
CORDUROY JACKET ¥123,200 (tax in)
CORDUROY JACKET ¥123,200 (tax in)
10/23 (Sat)