[Silver Magazine N°13]
Silver Magazine / A new magazine created by Takuya Chiba, former editor-in-chief of fashion culture magazines ``GRIND'' and ``PERK.'' A culture magazine from Tokyo that edits world-standard fashion, lifestyle, and products from a unique perspective.

- Modern + Craftsmanship -
Nowadays, you can get a lot of good clothes and miscellaneous goods at low prices.
That's a good thing for social evolution,
There is nothing wrong with that in life.
But something is not enough.
Although I can survive physically, I feel unfulfilled in some way.
Humans need things that move their hearts.
Something memorable and something to respect.
I want to spend time with things that I can love and cherish.
What does it mean in modern times?
Pleasant and stimulating, suitable for the atmosphere of the times.
Something modern and well designed.
Well-made and long-lasting, you can feel the passion of the makers
Something with craftsmanship.
Modern + Craftsmanship
This issue is about fashion and manufacturing.
It's a journey to find the essence.