DR.VRANJES Diffuser Refill ROSSO NOBILE 500ml



ITEM: Diffuser refill ROSSO NOBILE

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An iconic fragrance with a red wine motif. A rich fruity note with a variety of berries and citrus, a floral note centered on violets and roses, and a delicate and elegant tannin aroma complete a unique fragrant harmony.

Refill for room fragrance diffuser.

Please refill it into your existing Dr. Vranjes diffuser glass bottle.


12 sticks for 500ml bottles, length 40cm

*Glass bottle is not included and cannot be used alone.
*Please use a refill with the same scent as your Dr. Vranjes diffuser. Please be careful not to mix it with other scents.
*The shape of the cap may differ. note that.

*The strength of the scent varies depending on the type of fragrance. Also, there are individual differences in how scents are perceived.

*This product is not a drink. Also, please refrain from using it directly on your skin.
*Please avoid using or storing near fire or in high temperature locations.
*Please use out of reach of children.

*Be sure to check the leaflet that comes with the product before use.

*There may be a vacuum inside the bottle, and the lid may be stiff and difficult to open the first time. In that case, open the child lock by applying force perpendicularly to the lid and slightly counterclockwise. Be sure to open the bottle with both hands on a flat surface to prevent liquid from spilling.

*Please refrain from using tools such as tools to open the bottle as it is dangerous and may cause damage or injury.

<About the length and number of sticks>

Dr. Vranjes' diffuser uses an attached stick to spread the scent around you. The length and number of sticks are calculated to ensure that the scent is well-balanced and diffused in relation to the size of the bottle, so we do not recommend reducing or shortening the number of sticks.