DR.VRANJES Diffuser WEST (West) 250ml



ITEM: Diffuser WES (West)

[Size notation]

Bottle size 250ml

Number of sticks: 10

Green tea blends refreshingly with the scent of bergamot and sweet citrus flowers.

A transparent marine note like the wind blowing through the Atlantic Ocean.

*Room sizes are approximate. Please note that the time may vary depending on the environment such as temperature and humidity.
*The strength of the scent varies depending on the type of fragrance. Also, there are individual differences in how scents are perceived.

*This product is not a drink. Also, please refrain from using it directly on your skin.
*Please avoid using or storing near fire or in high temperature locations.
*Please use out of reach of children.

*Be sure to check the leaflet that comes with the product before use.

<About the length and number of sticks>

Dr. Vranjes' diffuser uses an attached stick to spread the scent around you. The length and number of sticks are calculated to ensure that the scent is well-balanced and diffused in relation to the size of the bottle, so we do not recommend reducing or shortening the number of sticks.